About our Agents

Ralph Hoehne

Ralph has successfully been in the real estate business for over 35 years. Kingston Realty began as a dream for him and his wife in Winnipeg, Manitoba- Canada. 27+ years ago, Kingston Realty became their reality. Year after year, Ralph received recognition for being the top realtor in all of Manitoba. His legacy continues to outshine his practice of real estate in Canada and is still recognized for his performance to this day. Ralph has thrived even more in the Florida market. He is widely known as the Realtor who will effortlessly sell your property or find you the property of your dreams. Because of his vast knowledge in the industry, Ralph is known for his ability to close a deal quickly. He specializes in commercial, industrial and investment property and is an investor himself.

Connor Hoehne

Connor has grown up in the real estate environment his entire life. He has been crafted from a young age to understand not only the fundamentals of the business but also the best ways to obtain the results a client is looking for. He is known as a skillful negotiator and highly esteemed for his extensive knowledge of the business at such a young age. Being an apprentice under his father  has jumpstarted his real estate career and launched him ahead of the average agent. He is well versed in the legalities of the business and is known for closing deals. Much like his father, he is locally recognized as a real estate agent who is deeply committed to finding the perfect property for his clients and always holds their opinion at high regard. His main concern is that his clients leave satisfied after working with him on a deal. Connor specializes in residential, investment and commercial property and is also an investor himself.

Nancy Walker

Nancy is our newest agent to Kingston Realty, but she is certainly not new to the world of Real Estate. Nancy brings with her 10 years of experience as a licensed agent from another state. She began her real estate career in 2007. She not only survived but also thrived during the housing crisis of 2008. Nancy’s tenacity through the housing rollercoaster molded her into a seasoned professional. Her experience with buyers, sellers, and lenders has equipped her to be a multi-faceted agent. Whether you are a first time homebuyer, looking for a seasonal home, or have just outgrown your current home, Nancy has the experience to help you through the process from start to finish. Her diligence and attention to the detail along with her commitment to her customers is what you want in an agent.

Molly Higdon

Originally from the Midwest, Molly moved to Sarasota to attend the University of South Florida where she earned her BA in Business Marketing & Management. As a local now of 10 years she would not dream of living anywhere else. Her education and passion for helping others has set the groundwork for her success in business. Molly is known for her attention to detail, strong work ethic, professionalism, and integrity. Molly is committed to creating a stress-free, enjoyable and profitable experience for every client. Her goal is that every client, whether buying, selling, or investing, walks away feeling satisfied.



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